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Dylan, a young man living on an isolated farm in rural Wales, is haunted by terrible nightmares. Shady deals with local drug dealers and a fractious relationship with his own father do nothing to dispel the mounting sense of dread. The only hope he has comes from his girlfriend Jenny, and the promise of a future together somewhere else. But time is running out, and Dylan has to move fast if he's going to outrun his own demons.

Filmmakers Insights

Panic is a thriller that follows a young man suffering with depression. As the narrative unfolds and we get to know our protagonist, Dylan, we see how mental illness distorts his world view and creates a claustrophobic and volatile environment for him. The tension builds as Dylan’s depression spirals out of control and we end […]

James approached me back in April 2015 to see if I would be interested in coming on board as composer for PANIC. We had just finished an entry for the 48 hour London Sci-Fi film festival – watch here. In that project I sent James the stems before I saw the film. I designed them […]

Having worked closely with James on previous projects I was only too happy to collaborate on his latest script – PANIC.  From the very beginning we had some strong ideas that would be vital in making his script come to life. For me the story has 3 main concepts that I wanted to challenge: Dylan’s state […]